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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Lovely Knowing, a gift that we each posess

     The Lovely Knowing is a gift of sensing that each one of us possess. It is commonly referred to as a gut feeling, intuition, or premonition. This knowing may come when you least expect it, or come by means of our asking for guidance. It is a sense that we can become more in tune or familiar with as we learn to notice it's often subtle, yet sometimes obvious desire to make things known to you. The more attention and honor that you give homeage to this magnificent sense, the more information and insight will come to you.
     It is not only given to a few and withheld from others.It is available to everyone. Many people are misled to believe that you must be considered a mystic, physic or prophet to possess this gift. It is true that these gifted ones are most often in recognition of the sensing of their spirit, but the inherent gift is given to all who simply desire to directly connect to the Divine and utilize their "knowing".

    Becoming more in touch with our "knowing" is the most certain way of making choices and gaining understanding that will provide us with the best and  highest good. It allows us to "follow our bliss" with a feeling of security and comfort in reaching our potentiel, as well as assisting others along their journey too.

     Listen to the "knowing", whether it comes by way of the gentlest whisper to your heart or by way of undeniable thundering proportions. Believe in the beauty of your own truth received by the Divine and follow through with the guidance it gifts you with. You have a gut feeling this is so. You know it. Love and light to all this Holiday season. ~Mishi

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