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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Do No Harm, but Take No Shit

      In a recent series of events, I was faced with bullying. I found that the act itself evoked some rather disturbing emotional responses in me. I felt hurt, angry, betrayed and even enraged. I found it difficult to accept that I was so bothered by the actions of others. I am typically a pretty resilient gal and do my best not to take the actions of others personally. I have grown a lot through the years and at my age, I have little to no time nor energy for what I consider nonsensical bull shit. What others do and say is not a reflection of who I am and I know this. So, where was this feeling of how they made me feel coming from?

        I am a firm believer in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt,” No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” To take that to a higher level, I am also a firm believer that I am completely responsible for how I feel, regardless of the actions, words or energy of others. No one has the power to make me feel anything. My shift in perspective was moved from what they did to how I felt and why. I intuitively knew that I was battling with unresolved pain from my past and asked Spirit to help me to understand the source of the unhealed wounds of my psyche.

        Immediately, I remembered a childhood event in which I was playing with my two closest girlfriends. I thought we were besties. I had recently joined a local church, as did they. I was unaware that my friends were in some kind of spiritual competition with me. I was unaware that they were jealous of me, disliked me and resented me. I was completely clueless that they didn’t possess the same childhood sense of kinship and friendship as I felt for them.

        I was also unaware that their parents had told them that to belong to God, who was believed to be the Supreme Patriarch, would mean that I would have to denounce my Gnostic/ Pagan/ Native American Spirituality upbringing in which I believed myself to also be a daughter of Gaia, of Mother Earth. To say that I was clueless and naïve to this absurd need to denounce or announce anything or any one was an understatement.

       As the story unfolds, the three of us were playing in the dirt. They told me that in order for them to believe I was loyal to both Father God and remained a loyal daughter to Mother Earth, I would have to eat a small mud pie they had already prepared for me. It was a childhood dare. I took the dare. Perhaps this is in part due to my wildish nature and in part due to my childhood need to prove myself to others. After I had eaten the small mud pie, they began to laugh hysterically. They informed me that they had both spit in the mud pie. I distinctly remember feeling the same feelings I was experiencing in the present.

        I remember feeling shocked that they would do something so cruel and premeditated. I refused to show my true emotions. I swallowed my pride and my tears and laughed along with them. After all, I had proven my loyalty to Mother Goddess and knew that it in no way insulted Father God. Though a child, I understood that the intentions of my heart were the essentials I needed and they felt pure to me. I felt no wrong doing on my part. I stuffed my emotions and proceeded forward.

       Here I am, 37 years later dealing with unresolved issues from many moons ago.

       I am grateful for those two childhood friends and equally grateful for the two women that evoked the emotional and mental responses in me that allowed me to see clearly who I am and what I am made of. I am who I am. Unlike the child of yesteryears, I do not feel the need to prove myself to anyone. I have no need for validation or affirmation from others to know that I am made of the dust and also of the stars. I am a daughter of Great Spirit and of Gaia. I take great comfort in this absolute knowing.

       I will not eat anyone’s dirt and I surely will not eat anyone’s spit. My intuition and discernment are very keen and I know energetically when the games are being played and the traps are being set. I simply refuse to participate. I have my own soul’s purpose and sacred contract, as do you. We must stay the course and reap the rewards of knowing who we are. We must remain true to ourselves and our Divine soul’s purpose.

      I share this particular story with you as a simple reminder of some basic yet empowering truths. Healing, growth and evolving are all components of a wondrous ascension process. Trust the process. Trust your own inner voice of guidance. Trust only those who you know are trustworthy. Not all friends are as friendly as they scheme, I mean seem. You will know who is true and who is not. Pay attention to the intention and energy of others. And as Esther Hicks proclaims, “When something feels off; it is.”

1)     Knowing yourself and being true to your own conscience is a crucial element in self love. In remaining true to yourself, you will also be true to others.  This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.” ~ Shakespeare

2)     Do not allow the actions of others to define you or deter you from walking in your own truth or soul’s purpose.  Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself.” ~ Harvey Fierstein

3)     Pay attention to the energy of those in your inner circle. Trust the rise and fall of your spirit as it reveals all truth to you.  “We often hesitate to follow our intuition out of fear. Most usually, we are afraid of the changes in our own life that our actions will bring. Intuitive guidance, however, is all about change. It is energetic data ripe with the potential to influence the rest of the world. To fear change but to crave intuitive clarity is like fearing the cold, dark night while pouring water on the fire that lights your cave. An insight the size of a mustard seed is powerful enough to bring down a mountain-sized illusion that may be holding our lives together. Truth strikes without mercy. We fear our intuitions because we fear the transformational power within our revelations.” ~ Caroline Myss

4)    Walk in the power and authority of your source of pure, sacred Love. You have the ability to transform all things into the truest desire of your heart. As we become purer channels for God's light, we develop an appetite for the sweetness that is possible in this world. A miracle worker is not geared toward fighting the world that is, but toward creating the world that could be.” ~Marianne Williamson

5)     Have courage to walk away from toxic relationships and stand up in your own behalf.  “Do no harm (but take no shit).” ~ Author unknown

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  2. Absolutely awesome and inspiring!!

  3. Again, I have to tell you how great-full I am to have found you. This is so awesome and spirit-moving. I feel more of me now than I have in a very long time. I could read your work for hours. Love Willy