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Friday, June 24, 2016

Moving in the Direction of Health and Self Love

Releasing 'fairweather friends' continues to keep my space sacred and peaceful. "If we are truly living in the moment, we know in our heart of hearts when relationships or people are off". We must discipline ourselves to be present in every moment and honor our internal guidance system..... It is magnificently accurate.

Not everyone who desires you will value you. Not everyone who makes promises are truly committed to you. If we choose to know the Truth, we can and will; only then can we be empowered to allow Truth to set us free. I can see that when I allowed others to treat me poorly that I was an active participant in the relationship and was being disloyal to myself, as well as to the other person. If we love one another then we will tell one another the truth, even if it seems brutal.

I have been a victim of abuse and as I replaced the word abuse with humiliations it created a major shift in me. It hurt more deeply. I seen it more for what it truly was. I have come to realize that I have let a lot of people off the hook way to easily and it has only given them an invisible permission slip to remain in their own pain whilst continuing to inflict more humiliations, only in more subtle ways.

Don't take me wrong, I am more aware of my own character flaws too and I humbly pray for wholeness. My goal is pure love and compassion. So, in knowing my self better, I am more capable of discerning what and who is flowing with me in ease and what and who is moving me toward dis-ease.

The recent down time in my health has been about an accumulation of toxins in my body that has led to a long stretch of sickness and weakness. Frankly, I have put up with too much nonsense from too many people for too long. I aim to please, but hey, you aim too, please. Either we are for one another or we are against one another and I don't want to be pressed against anyone that isn't for me. That may sound selfish. That is perfectly okay because we must be selfish rather than self centered.

We have the magnanimous opportunity to have an abundance of soul mates to joyfully share our life journey with. Every relationship with another is an opportunity for enchanted love. You won't have those soul mates you desire until you have your own soul on that same vibrational frequency. We are powerful magnets and we attract what we emit.

As I move in the direction of health, I also move in the direction of self love and self care. Why? Because I AM magnificent and I know it. If you don't feel the same way about yourself, please take the time to know what lies you are believing about yourself and allow transformation to do its perfect work.

If you realize that you don't believe any lies about yourself then scope your environment and find out what or who is taking toll on you. If you are being the best you that you can be then settle for nothing less with those whom you keep company with. It's your life. How does it taste? If not scrumptiously delicious then your soul is malnourished. It may not be all about what you are eating but who you are eating with. Choose wisely. Your life depends on it." ~ Mishi
'Fair weather friends'- ain't nobody got time for that.

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