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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Clear Your Heart

It is my experience that there is a distinct difference in clearing our head of thoughts and clearing our heart of feelings. While we can be driven to the point of stressful breakdown by allowing discordant thoughts to ignite and confuse us; we have a healthier choice to allow our hearts to break open and acknowledge our feelings. This process enables us to diffuse our emotions and the end result is healing and freedom.

What I know is this- clearing our mind alone will not heal us. What we refuse to deal with cannot be healed. Healing for the psyche and the body truly comes from deep soul healing and the inner working of Spirit. It comes from a place of acceptance and assurance. It comes from the deepest chambers of our heart.

While our thoughts may serve to integrate healing, we are emotional beings and our feelings play a crucial part in healing from the wounds of our past, the anxiety of the future and the present day stress we may encounter.

It is necessary to be courageous enough to feel our way through the dark and into the light. It is necessary to sit with our pain and acknowledge it in order to release it and be free from it's burdensome toll. While moving through these feelings of insurmountable opposition, we are able to acknowledge the beauty in the breakdown. Even sweeter, we are able to recognize our own capacity to shine in wholeness as we feel ourselves being built love....where we belong.

When we have faced the darkness of our wounds then we no longer fear the darkness. We embrace it and while being the alchemists that we are, we transform it into the unquenchable fiery love flame that is us. I believe Charles Bukowski made a beautifully bold statement in his quote, "Stop insisting on clearing your head- clear your fu*king heart instead." It is in the heart that the jewels of feeling, consciousness and conscience can be found. It is in the heart that we must rid ourselves of what ails us (old and no longer serving our highest good). This is essential to make space for expansion of heart toward all that we truly desire (new and constant in the flow for our highest good).

What do we have to lose by clearing our hearts? We lose our minds, but in the most precious sense of loss. We become free from torment and gain a beautiful new perspective. We lose the burden of our wounds and gain the liberty of wholeness. This is what we so deeply yearn for. Clear your heart and the mind will follow. You are worthy of the process.
Love, Mishi

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