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Monday, September 5, 2016

Self Love is True Love

There comes a point in your life that you realize that you are setting yourself on fire for everyone else and all that's left of you is ashes. Don't fret because it's a perfect place to be. It's in that moment, that place of reduction, that you realize why you have been giving so much of yourself to others. An awakening of self love emerges and with that process, you understand that you truly are the one you have been waiting for your entire life.

When you love yourself and treat your self in a way that honors the divine being that you are then you can't help but love others as well. It's different though and I will tell you why. Self love is health love and while it feels affirming to receive love from others, without self love you leave yourself at the mercy of everyone around you. It sets you up for dis-ease.
When you give love from a place of expecting the same in return, you are most often met with disappointment, resentment, exhaustion and even self loathing. You become self-conscious to a degree that you stifle your own ability to rest in ease of your own authenticity....the gift that YOU are to the world.

When you truly possess self love then you are able to love others from a vibrant state of being that is ever flowing, brightly glowing and one that feels natural. This revelation, transformation and evolution need not be a long process. You have been in a relationship with yourself since your first breath. Now, you only need to acknowledge that you have someone who really desires your you-ness and that someone is the one reading this. ~ xoxo Mishi

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