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*At first glance, I didn't think this was the type of book that I would be interested in, however, several of my friends had read The Lovely Knowing and urged me to do the same. In doing so, I found it not only to be compelling and entertaining, but also emotional and thought provoking. I feel I am wiser and a better person for having read it in the way that I am grateful for the love, family and friendships that I am most fortunate to have. Mishi has endured more trauma and tragedy than most, yet her spirit of tenacity and her faith in both a higher Being and internal guidance from that Source left a long lasting impact upon my own spiritual life. This is a most inspiring book that is sure to stir every range of emotions possible. I look forward to any further publishing's by Mishi McCoy and definitely give her book of memoirs five stars. I am currently reading The Lovely Knowing a second time with my highlighter in hand. I am now one of those people strongly recommending her book to others.
Kylie A. Conard

*Open your mind and change your life.....

I sincerely believe that I was led to read The Lovely Knowing by cosmic forces determined to put me on a path of spiritual awakening. It was one of the first steps I took on that path and it carried me a long way down the road to my own "KNOWING". Ms. McCoy is obviously an exceptionally gifted person, not just in her ability to weave a captivating autobiography that carries you along the roller coaster ride that has been her life, but she is obviously exceptionally gifted in many other ways. I would dare to say that if you read this book and you are not convinced that Ms. McCoy has powerful spiritual gifts then you should examine and improve your own spirituality and oneness with the Universe and the Creator. Read this book with an open-mind and you will get a glimpse of cosmic forces that most people can not perceive. Perhaps it will create the same kind of positive changes in your life as it did mine. Of the thousand or so books that I own, this is one of my most treasured.

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*Mishi McCoy is a gifted storyteller. As she relates the joys, horrors, and incredible situations from her life, she weaves a foundation of love, faith, and undying optimism throughout that not only carries her through unbelievable challenges, but expands and grows into something breathtakingly beautiful and practical. Mishi shows us how to take what we need and leave the rest and to use what we have taken to build and create the lives we truly desire. But most importantly, she stresses in a very unintrusive but subtle repetitiveness, the direct connection between our "knowing" and the Divine. Becoming more and more in touch with our "knowing" is the surest way to making choices that are in our very best and highest good.
Sure to stir tears of joy and sorrow, and every other range of emotion, The Lovely Knowing is uplifting, hopeful, fascinating, and filled with genuine, unconditional love. I am grateful and happy to recommend this treasured gift.
By: Holly Hakes Peterson (Phoenix, Arizona)

* This book is special and Mrs. McCoy has changed my view on memoirs forever. Most memoirs leave me feeling like an observor of their life but with The Lovely Knowing, I felt like I was having a conversation with an old friend. Mrs. McCoy writes beautifully and invites the reader to live the moment with her while opening your understanding of not just her life but Life itself. Feel comfortable reading this book as she relates her life and family to you with real conversation including their slang and diction. I enjoyed this book more than any other autobiography I've read because I, and many others, can relate to some of her experiences and prayers. She writes with passion for life and inspires hope regardless of beliefs. How many times have we all cried out for "daddy"? How many of us have wanted to give up and take the road most travelled? After reading, nay, experiencing Mrs. McCoy's memoir, you can feel strength in yourself and "knowing" that no matter what life brings to your table, you have the tenacity to overcome and thrive in our chaotic world. When you read this book, you will laugh, cry, and aspire to live your life better. Thank you Mishi for sharing your life with taste, grace, and inspiration. Share this book with others and your conversations and relationships will grow. Enjoy and hope.
By Sambuddah (Sarasota, Florida)


* This book inspires and invigorates the very soul. It is written in a way that it practically reads itself and paints vivid images along the way. The truth being set free on multiple levels of many intense experiences pulls upon an array of emotions. I was drawn into another realm where peace is abundant regardless of external factors and remembered how beautiful all is. Mishi's story will have you laughing and crying at the same time,feeling your way home. This book is a blessing to be recieved and appreciated indeed.

By: Skyfire, Deborah Outlaw

 * Mishi McCoy has written a magical masterpiece....If you are ready for an emotional, healing,inspirational and enlightening experience that willforever enhance and improve the way you view life, this book may certainly be the catalyst. I admire the courage it took to write this endearing book of memoirs. My heart bows to Author Mishi McCoy.I look forward to your next book.
By: Lives to Read, D.McCall (Waynesville, N.C.)

* The Lovely Knowing is an inspirational book.It took me on an emotion filled journey. I simply could not put the book down.Though her story is filled with her share of adversity, I found Mishi's southern style of wit and charm to add humor at times.I admire the courage she had to share her truth with the world.I gained wisdom, compassion and deep insight through her writing and recommend this book to anyone that feels like life sometimes just "becomes too difficult".
By: R.D.

* The Lovely Knowing kept my attention all the way through. I couldn't put it down. It showed in the jounery how important it is to forgive no matter what we go through and that the Lord leads us and protects us. I felt like I was right there with the author walking the jounery with her.God truly take care of us in the hard times and the good times. I can't wait to tell all my friends about the book. I know this will be a best seller.
By: Carolyn McCoy (N.C.)

* How do you put a review into words about a book that makes you cry, laugh, angry, thankful, and hopeful all within 24 hours of reading? Twenty four hours is exactly the amount of time that it took me to read this book as it is impossible to put down.
I am not sure it is actually possible to put into the written word the flood of emotions that I experienced while reading this book. Mishi's life story could easily be broken down into at least a half of dozen books, with each story having the potential to be a best seller. It is hard to fathom that any one person could be subjected to the tragedies and blessings in one single life time.
I am a consistent reader (probably 4 to 5 per month), and I seldom feel that a book is worthy of me expressing my opinion, but this book experience is an exception. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone that has felt life's struggles, hopelessness, or even the challenge of one's faith. "The Lovely Knowing" portrays the silver lining that we all search for.
After reading this book, I know there is a higher power and divine intervention. I will recommend this book to everyone that I see and be on a constant look out for Mishi's future books.
By: Traveler 72, J.L. Hipps (Washington State)

* Mishi McCoy’s life has been filled with more than her share of troubles, as she divulges in her deeply personal, autobiographical book “The Lovely Knowing.” While even the title of just one chapter, the “Death, Divorce, and Lost Identity,” would be enough for most people to despair, those were by no means the only obstacles she encountered. Her narrative reveals somebody extremely aware of the world she is living in, the interactions among people, the consequences of even the most minute actions or inactions, and the power of our emotions. As the story progresses, the reader gains deeper insights in the workings of Ms. McCoy’s mind, and her deep belief that we all possess a gift of a deep insightful knowing, which gives us peace and enables us to live a better, richer, more fulfilling life simply by transforming it with an attitude of acceptance and gratitude. In such a way we can always be at peace with ourselves as well as with the world, and we always emerge as winners.
While I have both heard and read similar views of how our lives should be lived with gratitude before, I have to admit that “The Lovely Knowing” touched me deeply due to the extremely personal and courageous way in which Ms. McCoy was willing to share her story with the world. I admire her courage and her resilience, as well as her desire to share the lessons learned with the world. I can’t even begin to imagine how tough it was for her to put down on paper her feelings and thoughts about certain events, most notably her son Justin’s accident and her father’s death. Even the much smaller incidents, such as the encounter with the snake, must have required a fair amount of fortitude, and that is certainly something Ms. McCoy does not lack.
By:  Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (7/11)
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"Having known the author for many years, I attest to the fact of the genuineness of her heart and her story. As one intimately acquainted with some of the details of the story and her resilient ability to overcome, this book is an inspirational, yet realistic view of the difficulties and victories of life. The encouragement of the possibilities of our "knowing" ability is heartening for those confused and struggling with adversity and soul-wrenching decisions. Page 69 of the text reveals a significant turning point that indicates the important of having full knowledge and how the lack of such knowledge can set life on a trajectory that may take some time to change. Knowledge and choices can significantly impact life and one should trust their "knowing" in order to experience the best possibilities.
I commend this work to anyone." by TLM October 11, 2013

Mrs. McCoy your book is a lovely testimony on how to continue following your inner knowing even with trauma. I enjoyed reading every word that you wrote with such love. I'm so happy you are where you are today, you deserve it! I love your soul.
By Melissa Nortonon February 18, 2016
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It is so hard for me to put into words how Inspiring Mishi's book was/is to me. She writes in a way that you feel as though you are right there with her as each event, incident, sadness, or happiness occurred. I felt engrossed in each and every chapter. I appreciate, respect, and admire her strength to share this part of her life with each of us. Her resiliency to get through each of these life occurrences is nothing short of amazing. Her book is one that you actually read and know that you have learned from her experiences. She teaches you to always, always trust your "inner knowing", intuition, your gut, whatever you prefer to call it. She teaches you to build your relationship with God and to trust and have faith in him. And she teaches you that no matter how grim a situation my seem, to never ever give up or give in.
There are very few books that I have read that I liked well enough to read more than once, but Mishi's book is an exception because I am currently reading it yet again!!
Thank You my dear Mishi for sharing your life with us!!
By Christina Wyatt on September 10, 2015
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Very inspirational read. I feel it encourages the reader to dig deeper within ones heart and soul to carry on through difficult times. Realizing that most situations are temporary and with perseverance and hope that one can carry through anything. Would definitely recommend this book to others.
ByMichelle L. Bartfaion
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