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My Book
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۞ About Me, Author Mishi McCoy

۞       Mishi McCoy is an Intuitive, Wholistic and Metaphysical Counselor, Author, Minister and Speaker Who Facilitates Personal Growth, Health, and Spiritual Wellness.      She earned her National Certification & N.C. State License in Massage & Bodywork Therapy in 2004 from The Whole You School of Massage & Institute of Integrative Health in Rutherfordton, N.C. She began her studies in Reiki method of Natural Healing in 2002 through The USUI System of Natural Healing and completed her Master Level Reiki certification in 2005. She has been a counselor & healing facilitator formally since 1999 and informally since 1990.      In 1990, Mishi received ordination as an Interfaith Minister and currently holds ordination through Mountain Heritage Ministries. Of utmost importance to her work is a lifetime of extensive and diverse spiritual study, with a consistent focus on spiritual evolution, ascension and psychological growth .      Integrate this with her clinical experience in serving a diversity of clients, using a vast variety of mainstream and alternative modalities, and you understand how Mishi has become a pragmatic yet visionary author and spiritual facilitator.      In 2011, Mishi authored a book of memoirs "The Lovely Knowing". Throughout, she demonstrates her exceptional degree of candidness and insight. She shares how she takes the joys, horrors, and unfathomable situations from her life to create a foundation of love, faith, and undying optimism.      Her passion is the Body, Mind & Spirit connection. As revealed in her book, Mishi illustrates how to take what we need, allow it to expand into something breathtakingly beautiful & practical, and then leave the rest and to use what we have taken to build and create the lives we truly desire. This is the foundation of her deep belief that wholeness is available to all who are willing to embrace it and her desire is to help facilitate that wholeness for those seeking it.
Mishi is a committed wife, mother of three children and grandmother of eight grandchildren.
Mishi is an Author, Writer, Speaker, Interfaith Minister, Teacher, Healing Facilitator & Modern Day Mystic
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Mishi’s quotes

"There are moments of heartache and heartbreak, that we wonder how we did not drop dead in our pain. Perhaps, it is in the gift of shock that we, slowly in the midst of adversity, find acceptance and discover our peace of knowing and growing in the experience... We can remind each other that what did not kill us, but felt like it should have, will strengthen us to live our lives to it’s fullest. That faint whisper within each one of us, that knowing, if we will but listen, is continually reminding us that our hearts truly can go on."— Mishi McCoy