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My Book
To order your copy of The Lovely Knowing simply click on the book--copyright 2011 Mishi McCoy. All rights reserved. No part of this book or artwork may be stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.

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 ☆҉‿↗ "There is an inner gift that each of us possess as deep insightful knowing, regardless of our circumstances. It isn’t as difficult to access this gift as some would make it out to be. It is quiet simple. We can always choose the way of Love, the “knowing”, and in so doing, we live the life that is our divine right and legacy, a life worth living." ~ Author, Mishi McCoy, excerpt from "The Lovely Knowing", a book of memoirs© 2011

☆҉‿↗  "There are moments of heartache and heartbreak, that we wonder how we did not drop dead in our pain. Perhaps, it is in the gift of shock that we, slowly in the midst of adversity, find acceptance and discover our peace of knowing and growing in the experience... We can remind each other that what did not kill us, but felt like it should have, will strengthen us to live our lives to it’s fullest. That faint whisper within each one of us, that knowing, if we will but listen, is continually reminding us that our hearts truly can go on." ~ Author Mishi McCoy, excerpt from "The Lovely Knowing", a book of memoirs © 2011

☆҉‿↗ "Granny told me often,” Ignorance is no excuse for bad behavior.” She believed in “gut feeling” given to God’s creation, and expected you to listen to your gut. It was what she referred to as “your inner compass”. One firm look or word from her is usually all that it took to let you know that you may need to pay better attention to your inner compass, or you were heading straight for a good spanking. That was not a direction I was eager to travel in." ~ Author Mishi McCoy, excerpt from "The Lovely Knowing", a book of memoirs © 2011

☆҉‿↗ “I don’t want you to worry yet, but your Dad and Uncle Larry left out this morning to go fishing and they still haven’t made it back in.” It had been around six hours since they were due back. It was late, dark and cold. They were missing and the weather was stormy and windy. This didn’t make sense. My heart sank. All I could think of is what Dad had said to me out on our front porch. Panic struck my heart along with a numbness. I couldn’t process this. I was hundreds of miles away and I felt helpless, even more, I felt hopeless. I had an immediate feeling in my center that Lee’s phone call was the first blow to a delivered heartbreak." ~ Author Mishi McCoy, excerpt from "The Lovely Knowing", a book of memoirs © 2011