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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Recognition of the Crone

I will listen to the voice within my sacred soul. It is the voice of a thousand beloved ancestors. It is the wisdom of the council of Ancients and the Guardians, the Keepers of my spirit and of my soul. It is the distinct voice that often speaks contrary to the voice of the world around me. It is the voice of the intuitive, fiery and guiding crone who carried me fearlessly upon her back.

      I wrapped my arms around her small framed shoulders. She walked barefoot, both swiftly and skillfully, across the swamplands that were filled with snapping alligators. I was afraid and I felt too heavy for her aged body to carry me to safety. I also feared that I was a burden to her. I needed her, but my heart ached with pity as I felt that I must have weighed heavily upon her senescent and fragile body.

     Before I could utter a word, she had discerned my every thought. Without breaking her natural stride, she chuckled and spoke to me, "Child, do you not understand my strength, my courage and my wisdom? Do you not remember that I have walked these dangerous lands and many other perilous terrains before? Do you not remember that I have carried you upon my back a thousand moons before this one? Have you forgotten that you nursed and were nourished with life sustaining milk from my breasts? Do you not recall the numerous times that I have visited you in your dreams and my presence sustaining you through your most difficult and darkest seasons?  It is me that has celebrated with dance as you recognized the beauty and force of your own Divine greatness of soul. Never underestimate the strength and wisdom of the Crone. Let not my appearance fool you. I have showed up in many disguises. My life force never wanes; it only waxes strong. Do you not recognize me? I AM YOU.”

      She lowered me to safety in a corn maze and instructed me to keep my eyes fastened to the illuminate cross upon the hilltop. She told me that I would find what I needed to nourish my tired and weary soul there. She encouraged me to know that I would also find answers to the questions that I had been seeking in my heart of hearts upon reaching the hilltop. Her eyes danced with admiration of our journey that had been a long one, shared together. Her laughter revealed that she was delighted to at last make her self known to me.

     As she vanished, I recall the feeling of a deep inner void, a soulful yearning being fulfilled. Though I could no longer see her with my natural eyes, I would forever have her essence, her presence and her vehement passion etched into my psyche. Together, she and I became the crone. Together, we became every wild woman that was, that is and is to come.
     This is written from a dream that I had not so many moons ago.
copyright 2015 Mishi McCoy. All rights reserved. No part of this writing may be stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.

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  1. Back to read again. Absolutely Divine! All your works are. Thank you for sharing with us.